hi my name is randimae

today is a good day for eating candy and dancing outdoors.

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wella wella, this is my latest project!

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I need a better job. And to finish school. And no longer feel like a dependent. Ugh.

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Woo woo, gettin' there!

I've been on a bit of a weightloss journey...
About two months ago I realised that I had put on 10 lbs from a combination of eating late, eating too much junk, and having far too many beers.

So at the beginning of November I quested to lose it and then some, so I could feel confident in my shape again.

Nov 1: 146.5 lbs
Dec 4: 134 lbs
Hopefully by Dec 25: 130 lbs.
Hopefully by Jan 12: 128 lbs.

I'd like some encouragement, because the healthiest and most energetic I've ever felt was at 128 lbs. I think the goal of three weeks to lose four lbs is healthy, and almost a whole month to lose six lbs is also very healthy.

If I'm being unreasonable, please do tell me. Because I have a wonderfully positive mindset and want to do this in a way that doesn't damage my body or kill me with the process. I'm not starving myself to get there; I've never done that and I won't start now. And I'm not work-out purging, because what is the point of exercise if you don't feel good?

Thanks all <3

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Dethalbum II... oh my god, buy Dethalbum II

You and me, fit so perfectly
You’re my complimentary
Color you be red so I can be blue
Even though that’s
Your favorite color too
You don’t mind sharing.

We’re symbiotic, not exotic
Your narcotics are too hypnotic
I’m too tired, catatonic
I’ll need an antibiotic.
For my silly head.
And for my achy head.

Crappy Danish Beer.
When I want to go back home
And when I’m feeling so alone
I pick up these great big stones and
Throw them in the lake

And you can come along with me
And we can sit here by the sea
Oh how happy we would be
While we sit here and cry

But you can sit there on your ass
And I’ll sit here and count the grass
And you can sip from your glass
Of crappy Danish beer

Because I know you miss home too
But you know that I’ll miss you
Because I don’t know who
Will wait
and sit
and talk shit
and then laugh about it.

I’ll bring along my pen and ink
And you can say what you think
But I’ll always say you stink
I guess that’s just our style

And we’ll feel so much better
And so warm inside our sweaters
We’ll send a new joy chain letter
To our future selves.

Things I want to be when I grow up:::
Things I want to be when I grow up:
1. Amelie Poulain. Because she's full of mischief, likes silly little things like dipping her hand into a sack of grain, can skip rocks like a total champ, and plotted the most romantic ploy ever for Nino.
2. Some kind of person who can play a mean indie rock guitar.
3. The kind of person who can make lots of clothing by scratch and wear nothing but the clothing I've made.

Lots of other things, but those are the things that make me happy in this moment :)

Looking back a little bit :)
I used to update my livejournal religiously. Now it's like a scant update every now and again.

But I was reading back on all the old stuff that I used to do, used to write, and used to photograph and think "Oh my god, I was so cool in high school my junior year when I would obsessively write about my life!" I went through a funk of not really wanting anyone to know what was going on with me after I got out of high school, and now I'm looking back and thinking... is being that candid really so bad?

No, I don't really think so! I mean, what harm does it do? What did I write about in the past that could possibly be so terrible? "Today I went to school and listened to some music in the art room while I threw myself against a canvas and expressed my little heart out, I love life and then I went running for two hours and took these silly pictures of me and all my friends!!!"

Since when is it bad to want to do that kind of stuff? I'm resolved to become more self-indulgent with realizing how awesome I have things and how neat and textured my existence is. :) It makes me happy to think about it, to reminisce.

I was such an emo kid in looks and photography in high school, but so happy and perky. I've lost the over the eye bangs and pretty much nothing else, and I don't think that any aspect of me in that part of my past was negative!! I took lots of pictures of myself, was 15 lbs heavier, but thought I was the prettiest girl named randimae who lived in my house and that was good enough. That's probably because I was/am :)

I don't know, there's a lot shifting back to my past since moving to Sweden, largely being my confidence in myself. I don't know where along the line I abandoned being happy with myself and confident, and outgoing not only on the outside but outgoing and uninhibited in my mind, but I'm recapturing it and I'm delighted :)

Tis time for sleep now,
good night little lovies
much aime

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Ok, a really half-assed update, but I AM HERE! I'm in Sweden, I have been for a few weeks, and let me tell you the weeks are just flying by at this point. I have been meaning to get in touch with so many people in the States and such, but seriously, communication blackout since I forgot my laptop charger in the States.

So! I am in Sweden, Sweden is freaking amazing and I would love to live here forever. I'm going to Southern Sweden next week for a trip to a museum or two, and then the week after that I get to get my first tattoo.. IN SWEDEN. And then after that it's Norway, the Netherlands, and possibly Germany! Oh and a lot of studying also, of course.



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